UFOs / UAP – science and history

Examples of peer-reviewed articles

Avi Loeb

Loeb, A. & Kirkpatrick, S. (2023): Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Submitted. Draft version. Download.

More publications from The Galileo Project.

Watters, W. A., Loeb, A., Laukien, F., et al. (2023): The Scientific Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Using Multimodal Ground-Based Observatories. Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2340006. https://doi.org/10.1142/S2251171723400068 Download.

More publications from The Galileo Project.

Medina, R. M., Brewer, S. J., & Kirckpatrick, S. M. (2023): An environmental analysis of public UAP sightings and sky view potential. Nature. Sci Rep 13, 22213. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-023-49527-x

Nolan, G., Vallee, J., Jiang, S., & Lemke, L. G. (2022): Improved instrumental techniques, including isotopic analysis, applicable to the characterization of unusual materials with potential relevance to aerospace forensics. Progress in Aerospace Sciences. Vol. 128. 100788. pp. 1-13. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paerosci.2021.100788

Wendt, A. & Duvall, R. (2008): Sovereignty and the UFO. Political Theory. Vol. 36. No. 4. pp. 607-633. https://doi.org/10.1177/0090591708317902

Sturrock, P. (1994): Report on a Survey of the Membership of the American Astronomical Society Concerning the UFO Problem. Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 8. No. 1. pp. 1-45. Download PDF.

Haisch, B., Rueda, A., and Puthoff, H. E. (1994): Inertia as Zero-point Field Lorentz Force. Physical Review A. Vol. 49. No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1103/physreva.49.678. Download PDF.

Vallee, J. (1990): Five Arguments against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects. Journal of Scientific Exploration. Vol. 4. No. 1. pp. 105-117. Download PDF.

Vallee, J. (1998): Physical Analyses in ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples. Journal of Scientific Exploration. Vol. 12. No. 3. pp. 359-375. Download PDF.

Vallee, J. (1998): Estimates of Optical Power Output in Six Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Defined Luminosity Characteristics. Vol. 12. No. 3. pp. 345-358. Download PDF.

Szydagis, M., K.H. Knuth, B.W. Kugielsky, C. Levy, J.D. McGowan, M.D. Phelan, G.P. Voorhis Jr (2024): Initial Results From the First Field Expedition of UAPx to Study Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. (Submitted).
Download arXiv version.

Maccabee, B. (1999): Optical Power Output of an Unidentified High Altitude Light Source. Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 199–211.

Knuth, K. H., Powell, R. M., Reali, P. A. (2019): Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles. Entropy, 21, 939.

UFO / UAP history – books

Dolan, R. (2002): UFOs and the National Security State – 1941-1973. Keyhole Publishing.

Dolan, R. (2013): UFOs and the National Security State – 1973-1991. Keyhole Publishing.

Vallee, J. & Aubeck, C. (2009): Wonders in the Sky. Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times. Tarcher Penguin. New York, New York.

Extant and upcoming scientific projects

UAPX. University at Albany. State University of New York.

Calling for a UFO / UAP science & new science projects

2020: Political scientist Alexander Wendt from the Ohio State University calling for a science of UFOs.
2021: Physicist Avi Loeb from Harvard talks about his new observatory:
The Galileo Project.
2022: Physicist Avi Loeb from Harvard talking about the Galileo Project.
2023: Associate Professor Matthew Szydagis from University at Albany talks about UAP studies and their UAPX research project.
2020: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon mentions article in the Scientific American, which states that UFOs deserve scientific investigation.