UFOs and nuclear weapons

Robert Hastings is the lead civil researcher on the UFOs/Nukes-connection. Visit his website.

In 2013 I invited Robert Hastings to give a presentation in Copenhagen about UFOs and nuclear weapons.

Civil research (books)

Hastings, R. (2017): UFOs & Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites. 2nd Edition.


Hastings, R. (2016): UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed. Apple TV. Imdb. Trailer/rent on Vimeo.

Fox, J. (2020): The Phenomenon. Trailer. Apple TV. Imdb. Available on Netflix.

Fox, J. (2009): I Know What I Saw. IMDB. Youtube.

Researcher Robert Hastings talks about UFO incursions at nuclear missile sites during the cold war (CNN in 2010)
Excerpt from Robert Hastings’ documentary: UFO and Nukes.
Robert Hastings’ press conference at The National Press Club in Washington in 2010
George Knapp reports on the UFOs and Nukes connection.
With research Robert Hastings.

Robert Salas’ press conference from 2021.
With Robert Jamison, David Schindele, and Dr. Robert Jacobs.