Suggested documentaries and podcasts

UFOs / UAPs – Podcasts

Flyvende Tallerken. Host: Frederik Dirks Gottlieb. Co-host: Anja C. Andersen. Danish Broadcasting Corporation. (In Danish).
Go to podcast. The Tallerken Files.

Frederik Uldall & Martin Kleist UFO podcast

UFOrklarligt. Host: Martin Kleist. Co-host: Frederik Uldall. (In Danish)
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Need to Know. Hosts: Ross Coulthart and Bryce ´Zabel.

Merged Podcast. Host: Ryan Graves.

That UFO Podcast. Host: Andy McGrillen.

Engaging the Phenomenon. Host: James Landoli.
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The Richard Dolan Show. Host: Richard Dolan.
Youtube. JioSaavn.

Somewhere in the Skies. Hosts: Ryan Sprague and Chrissy Newton.

Disclosure Team Podcast. Hosts: Vinnie Adams and Katie Howland.

Weaponized Podcast. Host: Jeremy Corbell. Co-host: George Knapp.

NDEs, ELEs, and consciousness podcasts

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UFO / UAP documentaries

UFOs and Nukes – the secret link revealed. By Robert Hastings. (2016)

The Phenomenon. By James Fox. (2020)
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Moment of Contact. By James Fox. (2022)
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Ariel Phenomenon. By Randall Nickerson. (2022)

I Know what I Saw. By James Fox. (2009)
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NDE, ELE, and consciousness documentaries

The Near-Death Experience: Investigating an Enigma. By: Myriam Gazut and Olga Baillif. (2021)
Watch on Youtube.

Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife. With Dr. Raymond Moody. By Gaia. (2020)
Watch on Youtube.

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