Scientists – UFO / UAP

The number of scientists who openly declare an interest in UFO / UAP research is growing.

However, it is my hypothesis that there are many scientists who follow the subject closely in the shadows. To some extent, Professor Emeritus Peter Sturrock, Professor Diana Pasulka, and Jacques Valleé share my view. See also Valleé’s book “The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race”.

Examples of scientists with a keen interest in UFOs / UAPs:

Professor Gary Nolan (Ph.D.). Immunologist. Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Website. Wiki.
Listen to Nolan on the podcast Flyvende tallerken. (Danish / English).
Watch Nolan on the Lex Fridman podcast.

Jacques Valleé (Ph.D). Physicist and computer scientist. Website. Wiki.
Watch presentation by Valleé.

Professor Diana Walsch Pasulka (Ph.D). The Philosophy and Religion Department. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Website. Wiki.
Listen to Pasulka on the Podcast Flyvende Tallerken. (Danish / English)
Watch presentation by Pasulka where she, among other things, talks about the “invisible college”.

Adjunct Professor Eric Davis (Ph.D.). Physicist. Baylor University. Website.

Professor Avi Loeb (Ph.D). Physicist. Department of Astronomy. Harvard University. Website. Wiki.
Watch Loeb talk about UFO research.

Professor Alexander Wendt (Ph.D.). Political Scientist. Department of Political Science. Ohio State University. Website. Wiki.
Watch Wendt giving a Tedx talk.

Harold Puthoff (Ph.D.). Electrical engineer. Stanford University (alumnus). Website.
Watch interview with Puthoff.

Professor Emeritus Peter Sturrock (Ph.D.). Physicist. Department of Applied Physics. Stanford University. Website. Wiki.

Bernhard Haisch (Ph.D.). Physicist. Website. Wiki.

Professor Emeritus Rudy Schild (Ph.D.). Astrophysicist. Harvard. Website. Watch part of interview with Schild by George Knapp.