Research interests (NDEs) 2018-today

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In 2018 I started studying Near-death experiences (NDEs), End-of-Life experiences (ELEs), Shared-death experiences (SDEs), the sociology of the paranormal, the sociology of ignorance (agnotology), parapsychology, the mind/body relationship, and megalithic sites and the end of the last ice age.

In my spare time, I currently follow the research of DOPS (Division of Perceptual Studies) at the University of Virginia. The staff at DOPS (from DOPS’ website):

Kim Penberthy, Marieta Pehlivanova, Ed Kelly, Lori Derr, Ross Dunseath, (seated) Jim Tucker, Bruce Greyson.

Furthermore, I am interested in the work affiliated with NERSCH (Network for Research in Spirituality and Health) and the research group Existential and Spiritual Care at the Research Unit of General Practice at the University of Southern Denmark.

Moreover, I follow the often heated debates concerning humanity’s ancient past. For example, between sceptics like Michael Shermer and archaeologist Mark Lehner and proponents of alternative theories like geologist Robert Schoch and journalist Graham Hancock.

Finally, I try to keep myself updated by reading articles published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, EdgeScience, and the Journal of Near-Death Studies.

Dr. Edward Kelly from DOPS