Media appearances

Television, web-tv, and documentaries

2023: Havheltene (working title). Documentary. Director Ole Stenum from Filmbureauet interviews Frederik Uldall about perceptions of nature. November 15. Publication is expected early 2024. Watch teaser on Youtube.

2023: Ludvigs Podcast. UFO discussion. Ludvig interviews Frederik Uldall and Martin Kleist. August 10. Watch on Youtube.

2015: TV2 Go’ Morgen Danmark: Occasion: Former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta’s tweet about his failure to declassify UFO documents. Morten Resen interviews Frederik Uldall. February 24. Watch.

2013: TV2 Go’ Morgen Danmark: Occasion: UFO sighting by pilots in Britain. Frederik also mentioned the link between UFOs and nuclear weapons. Morten Resen interviews Frederik Uldall. May 6. Watch.

2012: TV2 Go’ Morgen Danmark. Occasion: The publication of Frederik Uldall’s book Liv i universet – besøger det os? Pelle Hvenegaard interviews Frederik Uldall. August 29. Watch.

2012: TV fra en anden planet / Martin Spang Olsen: Frederik Uldall interviews Martin Spang Olsen on Olsen’s own web-tv show. About space technology, science, and various fringe and paranormal subjects.

Radio and podcasts

2023: Radio4 Fredagsmissionen. Occasion: Joe Rogan’s interview with UFO whistleblower David Grusch and The Schumer Amendment. Anders Hagen interviews Frederik Uldall. Hagen subsequently interviews Holger Bech Nielsen and Jonas Kuld Rathje about their book about the theory of nothing. November 24. Listen on Youtube. The entire episode is available on Radio4’s website.

2023: Radio4 Fredagsmissionen. Occasion: NASA’s UAP press conference, congressional hearings, David Grusch etc. Anders Hagen interviews Frederik Uldall and Martin Kleist. September 15. Listen on Youtube.

2023: Ludvigs Podcast. UFO discussion. Ludvig interviews Frederik Uldall and Martin Kleist. August 10. Watch on Youtube.

2023: 24syv. Occasion: Publication of UFO crash/retrieval whistleblower David Grusch’s allegations on August Stenbroen interviews Frederik Uldall. Journalist Toke Gripping interviews Major Karsten Marrup. June 6. Listen on Youtube.

2023: UFOrklarligt. Podcast. Host: Martin Kleist. Co-host on episodes 1-7. February-June. Listen to UFOrklarligt.

2022: Danmarks Radio. Podcast: Flyvende Tallerken. Occasion: Interview with retired missileer Robert Salas about UFOs and Nukes. Frederik Dirks Gottlieb interviews Frederik Uldall. Host: Frederik Dirks Gottlieb. Co-host: Anja C. Andersen. November 7. Listen on DRs website.

2022: Embracing your Mortality Podcast. Sue Brayne interviews Frederik Uldall. May 6th. Listen on Spotify.

2016: Radio 24 syv: Occasion: Hillary Clinton’s statements to The Conway Daily Sun about UFO-disclosure. ? interviews Frederik Uldall. January 13. Listen on Youtube.

2015: NOVA FM: Occasion: Former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta’s tweet about his failure to declassify UFO documents. ? interviews Frederik Uldall. February 26. Listen on Youtube.

2014: Radio 24 syv: Occasion: UFOs and the Media Conference” in Copenhagen. Michael Jeppesen interviews Frederik Uldall. October 3.

2013: DR P1 Morgen. Anne Troldtoft Hjorth interviews Frederik Uldall. July 2. Listen on Youtube.

2013 Radio 24 syv: Michael Jeppesen interviews Frederik Uldall. April 12.  Listen on Youtube.

2012: Universitetsradioen (Uniradioen): Det rene show. Peter Olsen interviews Frederik Uldall. October 3. 

2012: DR P4. Kasper Harboe interviews Frederik Uldall. Date ? Listen on Youtube.

2012: DR P1 – Klubværelset. Konspirationernes kamp. ? interviews Frederik Uldall. June 20. Listen on Youtube.

2011: DR P3 – Go’ Morgen P3. ? interviews Frederik Uldall. November 4. Listen/watch on Youtube.

2009: Roskilde Dampradio – Pia Larsen interviews Frederik Uldall. August ?

2008 CFRB AM, Toronto: The Richard Syrett Show. Richard Syrett interviews Frederik Uldall. Date ?

2001: Radio Lotus – Miljømagasinet. Presentation of Master’s Thesis: Changes in Perceptions of Nature. ? interviews Frederik Uldall. Date?

Newspaper articles and press releases

2017: BT: Dansk akademiker: Jeg har en kraftig anelse om at vi bliver besøgt. By: Anders Højberg. August 6. Download PDF.

2015: The Copenhagen Post: For one week only, the truth is on your doorstep. By Ray Weaver. 18-24 September. Download PDF.

2013: Ritzau: UFO’er lukker atomvåben ned? UFO-konference i København. June 6. Download press release.

2013: Østerbro Avis / Mystik i Østerbrohuset. By: LIWE. October 30.

2013: Bryggebladet: Eksperter fortæller om UFOer. By: lgb. May 30. Download PDF.

2012: Ekstra Bladet: Danske radar-folk løser britisk UFO-gåde. By: Thomas Harder. August 30. . Download PDF.

2012: Weekendavisen: Er der nogen derude? By: Michael Tornsberg. August 3. Download PDF.

2012: Jyllands-Posten: Flaskepost i det ydre rum. By: Rasmus Karkov. January 8. Download PDF.

2011: Ritzau: Den engelske politiassistent Gary Heseltine er trådt frem med sin UFO-oplevelse. October 21. Download PDF.

2007: Corriere Della Sera: Gli Ufo sessant’ anni dopo nel convegno “Out of the blue”. By: S.D.S. November 2. Download.

Other publications

2016: Med andre ord (student magazine): Lad os tale om den flyvende tallerken. By Anders Joensen. Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. No. 8. Download PDF.

2015: DR’s website: Forening: UFO-forskning skal på finansloven. By: Thomas Klose. July 2. Download PDF.

2015: The Murmur: The truth is (maybe) out there. By: Lesley Price. June 23. Download PDF.