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On this website I present a brief overview of some of my research interests.

Frederik Uldall

I would like to emphasize that I am not a scientist. The pursuits presented are personal activities carried out in my spare time. The activities are not associated with my current employment at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The views presented on these pages, in publications, and in media appearances are my personal opinions.

31. May 2023: NASA’s public meeting on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP / UFOs). Read more on NASA.

Recent outreach

February – June 2023.
Podcast: UFOrklarligt
Co-host on episode 1-7
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November 2022. Podcast: Flyvende Tallerken. Listen to the episode here.

7. November 2022
Frederik appeared on DR’s podcast “Flyvende Tallerken”.
Main guest: retired missileer Robert Salas.
Hosts: Frederik Dirks Gottlieb and Anja C. Andersen.
Topic: UFOs and Nukes

Edge science – a game changer?

For more than 20 years, I have been interested in anomalies that challenge the western worldview and our current scientific paradigm. Interestingly, some of these aberrations are now being studied with widely accepted scientific methods by a minority of tenured and visionary scientists. Nevertheless, mainstream scientists often consider this research pseudoscientific, albeit a substantial body of evidence has been collected over the past decades with results published in peer-reviewed journals.

In other words, mainstream scientists will often ignore the data and this “fringe” research and may even ridicule and ostracize scientists who study the “weird” phenomena. Even though scores of prospective and methodologically strong studies exist, this – in my opinion – unscientific behaviour, still seems to be prevalent.

A common denominator for the research areas that I am interested in, is a significant potential for changing the hegemonic, materialistic, and anthropocentric western worldview, which has been cemented since the Enlightenment. Even though this pioneering research is grossly underfunded by governments, research foundations, and universities, it is conceivable that some of it will contribute to enormous social, economic, and scientific change in a not so distant future.


2001 – M.Sc., Human Geography, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen.

Unpublished thesis: Natursyn under forandring? (Changes in the Perceptions of Nature?) Research questions: How were perceptions of nature socially constructed in the past? How are perceptions of nature socially constructed in contemporary society? Analytical framework: Discourse analysis. Case study: The industrial symbiosis in Kalundborg, Denmark. Method: In-depth interviews with company representatives and other stakeholders.

2000 – Minor in Social Science, Department of Political Science, Københavns Universitet.

Spouse: Ditte Maria le-Fevre
Mother: Elisabeth Uldall Pelch
Father: Svend Aage Christensen
Sister: Anna Rørbæk Uldall

Current employment: Senior consultant at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Research interests

Near-Death Experiences (nærdødsoplevelser), End-of-Life Experiences, Shared-Death Experiences, UFOs (UAPs), Social change, Sociology of the paranormal, Sociology of ignorance (agnotology), Sociology of scientific knowledge, Discourse analysis, and Megalithic sites.

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